Thursday, 6 December 2012


I have attended a sculpting class for 2 days, Darren Nevin and Durran Pearse were the maker of Wolfman mask from the movie Wolfman, they have won oscars for best make up and character scuplting. I knew Darren and Durran from my Aikido club, we train together every week except when busy with work. 

I dont really know much about sculpting, but I want to create a merchandise toy for my game, kinda like the little figurines that are included in a limited edition game boxes. I am planning to model one of those to tie in my project. this shows that I have also explored other media, not just sitting down on the computer. 

I dont know much about what type of latex they are using but they are for masks. basically, it started of from making a mould of their head then a separate mould for the mask to fit in. latex liquid is then poured slowly in the mould case then pressed on with the head mould and left to dry. after dried, latex mask is ready to paint and ready to wear. the last 3 mask in these images are by darren thats why it looks so good :D

I have received alot of tips from Darren and Durran about sculpting. they gave me tips on how to do details of skin, where I need to use a cling film ontop of the clay and pick a really thin spatula and scratch lightly so no rought edges comes out. make a lot of dots for the pores to make it realistic. to add hair on the sculpt, it takes time to make, you pick a group of 4 hairs and poke it in to the pores. it is a very long process but, if i want a really outstanding work, great patience is needed. i will try apply it to a big scuplt if I got the time. it would be awesome to make a mask for my project, but I focused more on my model. I will make one when I got the time. 

I have started making my Demonio Figure, I didnt have enough super sculpey, so I have used milliput as the base on my armature to hold my character in place. this will later then be on a wooden block stand. modelling a small figure was quite a challenge and took me a while to complete but i was enjoying it. sculpting tools really helped me alot to smooth edges and go through small gaps.


This is a bigger sculpt I have made first before the small figurine. I have modelled it just using my hands and a pen cover. I didnt have any sculping tools with me at first but it all worked out well. I could have used clay that hardens when left to dry, but I didnt have any, so I have used oiled based clay given to me by Darren.
I could have added textures but I didnt because, I wanted to keep it simple.

My Final Small Figurine.
the painting took a very long time to complete, I had to do 5 coatings. it was hard because, i havent painted a sculpt before, but I got used to it.

Character Animation

This is my final character animation reel.

Basically they are character animations for my game that will be later developed on a mobile game app. the idea is at these short animation clips will play once an attack is landed, basically just like the yu gi oh game. these can be used in my future game trailer to promote my game just like in my research on how they promote a toy, a little animation is layered on top and plays. 

In this reel, i have also included a live project for TL Multimedia, where I was asked to animate a short sting, and i have tied it in with this project. So i have included a minion of the water element but made it more character friendly, cute, not even considered as a demon, more like a pet. but in the future of my game, this character should be more evil looking, this shows development of my character design

Line test

1st draft in toon boom.

Game Review


I had my friends test out my board game and they are quite entertained by it. at first I told them the rules how to play and how to play it. I had to explain it as they go along aswell. at first, they couldnt get the controls of flicking the pen right, it goes every where, but they longer they play, the better they become. an issue about my board game is that, the pen digs in the paper and made it hard to flick. a way of solving this problem is having my board game laminated and use dry wipe pen instead, so it is easier to manuver around the board and easily rub off the marks so it can be playable again on the same board. another issue is pen mark going over other marks creating a dent which make the next shot tend to track the last shot. and using erasable pen still bleeds through the paper, ball point pen works best.

This is the result of a 2 hour gameplay with my friends :D

Here's a bit of review they gave back to me :

Riz: "'Twas a fun play! better to use felt pens on a dry wipe surface :) "

Danny: "Initially the rules complex. they were easy to grasp once you got playing. Quite entertaining. 
Lower the amount of times you have to hit each enemy."

Final Board Game & Map Design


This is my final board game. as you can see my character design and map design are all inspired from my research. In my board game, I have put all the character information needed into the same board of the game map instead of having cards to shuffle and check through the info. I have provided boxes which includes their life points so it is easy to calculate and change number in it, no need to ruin the beautiful illustrations I made, althought the gameplay itself will be messy, at least the rest looks more professional to present. I have made symbols for the weapon and health packs. they all have different purposes like some weapons damages a certain element more than the other. by default, you have the fire element which damages wind, but I dont have a wind villain, so this inflicts 10 dp to the enemy. 

I will explain the movements. you can flick as many moves as you want to travel for the main player, but the enemy just stays put. once the enemy player thinks you are in range, he must say he is going to attack and he can flick and attack your player. I you think you are also in range, you have to let the other player know that you are attacking aswell so it is a balanced match. You can also attack when you think you are in range. You can only attack the enemy's weak points, the red and orange dot. a good tip is to attack the orange dot untill you dealt 50 dp  or more, you can attack the red dot  to deal extra 10 dp to the enemy plus your weapons damage point. I have made this so it will be a challenge for the player to play the game, no point if it is too easy. If you travelling and entered the circle range of the enemy, you and the enemy can deal plus 5 damage points with your weapons dp. Try to conserve your life points, only take the health packages when necessary. There are 3 different health packages, each health packs gives you health but also gives you different perks. The main player has 3 Life points just incase the player is too reckless. I have provided  boxes underneath the characters so there is space to compute the damage dealt to the characters and player.

Map with Characters

These are other map designs I have made. some designs I am quite pleased about because it has the right contrast, proximity and alignment and repetition. I have been inspired from my map research, but mostly followed my chosen artists Foldvari and Ville, which is very simple, graphic, attract teenagers.

 I am quite happy about this design i have developed it till it became my final piece

Final Concept Art and Character designs

Concept Art

These are my final concept arts that would relate to my board game if it were to turn into a Mobile phone app. I have basically done these in Photoshop, I illustrated the characters on their respective element and making them look like they are ready for an Invasion. 

Fire Demon

I have decided to use dark colours and shades of red and brown for this piece to show that the colour of the demon coming out from hell is projecting light to the soil. I have coloured inside the huge crack to make it look like a scorching hell, this helps support the back light for my character which makes it pleasant to see and used darker shadows on the foreground to give off a bit of depth. this gives off the feel of evil from my character.

Water Demon

This piece took long to make, I have kept the mark making inspired from Jim Dine's work which shows the depth of my drawing. this helped it look more like a water element which I am proud off. I have used different shades of blue to show the light side of the water which reflects the sky and darker to show the shadow and to show the evil side of my art. At first you wouldnt tell that this is a friendly demon, it looks like its about to kill you and going after you.

I have not only focused on 2D art, I have decided to model 1 of my characters in Mudbox so I have a general idea how my character would look like in 3D. This idea / design can be used for my future Mobile phone app but this would be more on the animation side of the idea. 

Earth Demon


This is my final character designs which are all finalised in photoshop, I have matched my style to David Foldvari's and Jeremy Ville's work I have kept it simple, pleasant to the eyes with pen and marker feel to it. In my opinion this style has made my characters look menacing because of the black colour and especially the mark making which was taken from Jim Dine, this made my characters looks some how unique in its own style.

I have also listed down their Demon stats which shows their life points, attack points and effects on the game. this will be later used in the final design... I have decided not to create a separate card for the monsters because most people will just loose them. So I have thought of an idea having all their info's in the board game itself so it is easy for the audience to look at without having to shuffle things around.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Character Design

Character Design Principles

a character must benefit the animator/ artist showing that it is very understandable with its form. 
Think about the scale/ height of the character you want it to be may it be a giant, dwarf, elf size, etc... 
most happy characters are usually drawn with round edges because it is relaxing and flowing to look at whereas showing a triangular shape tends to show more of a menacing evil feel to it. a good example is this image of character design from alladin. 

as an animator we have to be able to move the form of our character if it is flexible to move in different angles. Think about the mass of your character, off-coarse the bigger and fatter the character design is, it should be a slow character because the more weight it has, the slower you move, unless you are playing a game with a cheat code with god speed :D The thinner a short you are, the less mass it has and it feels like your character can be blown by the wind

Simplicity is always the better, having a simple design character will make it easier for an animator to animate it with less detail, the more detail it has, the harder it is to control them as they turn around in space like the image below of the Beast from Beauty and the beast, the animators probably took time to draw all those lines and details. I'm not saying detail is not good, I myself love a little bit of detail to make my work stand out a bit more, its just the idea of simplicity is best especially when animating

Aesthetics, a pleasing balance of shapes.  some artists have a really good eye for design, Gene Hazelton designed the baby image below  and composed its features in a pleasing way because of his good eye of balance. he drew  the details with beautiful combination lines of curves and corners.

Chuck Jones Also has a Natural eye for design of pleasing shapes and forms. He understands the construction of his character using strong  contrast of forms, proportion and shapes so it is very easy to animate. A good example is this image below from Road Runner, it has a very is distinct and balanced designed characters.

The graphic and simple the character is, generally is considered more as a symbol than a character. In my opinion graphic designy characters are more suitable in advert/ commercials and short cartoons.

Personality is one of the most important principle of character design, when creating a character, you need to know what role is your character going to be like, is he a funny quirky looking guy, you will definitely draw him with a huge funny looking smile on his face which is more of an oval shaped  head to body. angry but cartoony looking kind of guy would have some triangular shaped facial features on a time glass figure just like Jafar from Alladin. the personality can be contributed from the voice actor.


I have made myself a moodboard to help me design my character. At this poit, I still dont know what theme my game is going to be so I have pick some useful references from movies, tv series etc...
I have looked at characters that are menacing, cute depending on what personality/ voice I wanna show.


Here are all my character design and development I have designed on my sketchbook. I have decided to focus on designing elemental monsters for my game, I have even experimented on using different medias like painting and colour pencils. These designs are all inspired from my mood board, most of them look like pokemon characters and some Sonic the Hedgehog villains.