Thursday, 6 December 2012

Character Animation

This is my final character animation reel.

Basically they are character animations for my game that will be later developed on a mobile game app. the idea is at these short animation clips will play once an attack is landed, basically just like the yu gi oh game. these can be used in my future game trailer to promote my game just like in my research on how they promote a toy, a little animation is layered on top and plays. 

In this reel, i have also included a live project for TL Multimedia, where I was asked to animate a short sting, and i have tied it in with this project. So i have included a minion of the water element but made it more character friendly, cute, not even considered as a demon, more like a pet. but in the future of my game, this character should be more evil looking, this shows development of my character design

Line test

1st draft in toon boom.

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