Sunday, 23 October 2011

Digbeth Interview

This is a video footage of the interview me and my friend Riz made of a guy who leases retail space for the custard factory. He has worked most of his life in Digbeth and knows alot of it. He has talked about his insight about the future, past and present of Digbeth and what kind of people mostly hang out with each other etc...

I was thinking maybe if I was to use the audio of the interview and maybe us it as a voice over our animation and it should look like the animation below which looks more like a well developed brain storm with striking visuals which makes it amusing to the audience.

These are more photographs I've gathered for my research by looking more into graffiti's 

Animation intro tests

This is a test on how simple our animation is going to look like. this can be done in many different ways such as using adobe flash, after effects, toon boom, but I have made this using photoshop. I have chosen to use photoshop because I am still in the learning stage using other programs, I used this because its easier for me at the moment.

As you can see the art style is very simple which would be very easy for us animators to animate and also having simple art style is also good which is easy to get the message across the viewers. This sort of art style was inspired form the animation "This is You" and intro from "Juno" which are very graphic, with soft light pastel colours which is eye friendly even to young audiences.

I have decided to also to do a test on the title with a simple animation showing letter shaped logs flowing through the river

Inspired from:

Monday, 17 October 2011

Illustration style

Our aim as a group is to have a successful animation, to be able to finish as soon as possible and have extra time for slight improvement, to be able to the message across that there is more to it behind Digbeth  by showing the History of Digbeth in our animation.

I have used Light soft pastel like colours in photoshop which would be very easy to the eye of the audience. Ive been a bit expressive using a child like drawing of a sheep so this will also target younger audience and be like a story book, hopefully it would inspire something good to them when they grow up.


I didnt quite like my sheep illustration so I have improved it by using lighter grey colour and a better drawing.

I took quite a long time to complete these images because I wasnt experienced enough using a drawing tablet, but the more I practised the easier it is for me to draw.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Story Board Development

These are some story board drafts that me and Michael did, and some hand written research Ive made during the tudor times.

Me and Michael struggled quite a bit in our story boarding on how we can visualize it and how to start. We had a few goes on how our animation would start but mostly settled on Michaels sketches of the mans journey

These are some of Michaels sketches which we would mostly use and improve in our animation

These are some more hand written research Ive done, looking more into the tudor times

We have discovered that Digbeth was discovered in the year 700s by the River Rea and started building farms and bridge on it then slowly evolves to the modern buildings.
I did a bit of story board plan about the start of the River Rea that it began as water rises from the ground forming into a river.

In my idea I was also planning on what kind of animation style I should use. Ive been sketching popup elements in the story board which could make the animation look more interactive and would definitely target younger audience.