Sunday, 8 May 2011

Research and Planning

I have decided to base my animation like an advert of Ipad showing the making of, something related to it, ways to communicate, features??? etc...

I have decided to base it about ways to communicate by using different social communication website apps for ipad. I have picked few famous apps like facebook, twitter, skype, msn. I decided to show a latest feature the ipad 2 have, the camera.

I have done this using illustrator

Mood Board

I have research materials that could be included in a science lab 

Ideas and plan how to make my objects

These are some sketches of objects I made. Planning and designing how my catapult would look like and how my object looks like from a different angle

Thumbnail Story board


These are done in illustrator
I have decided to base Angelina Jolie as my model in my animation
 Story Board using illustrator

These are some video references that inspire me to make an advert for Ipad

I like the domino effect of honda, it shows all parts from honda itself to make the advert. I am also doing similar idea but showing more of ways / different apps to communicate

Eyes and hair

I remade the eye balls using photoshop by scratch, took a while but done it and im happy of the outcome

I have then applied the eyes back to my character 

I have created the hair using nurbs curves but its not working well, so i have used a default hair instead, im gonna work on it more later on

Still need to add the eye lashes and need to learn more about making/adding hair

These are some tutorials that Ive been studying, the hardest thing for me to do was creating the hair so i have just used the defaults

I wanted my outcome to be in this same quality, I know its alot of hard work ... gonna do it in the future :D