Thursday, 6 December 2012


I have attended a sculpting class for 2 days, Darren Nevin and Durran Pearse were the maker of Wolfman mask from the movie Wolfman, they have won oscars for best make up and character scuplting. I knew Darren and Durran from my Aikido club, we train together every week except when busy with work. 

I dont really know much about sculpting, but I want to create a merchandise toy for my game, kinda like the little figurines that are included in a limited edition game boxes. I am planning to model one of those to tie in my project. this shows that I have also explored other media, not just sitting down on the computer. 

I dont know much about what type of latex they are using but they are for masks. basically, it started of from making a mould of their head then a separate mould for the mask to fit in. latex liquid is then poured slowly in the mould case then pressed on with the head mould and left to dry. after dried, latex mask is ready to paint and ready to wear. the last 3 mask in these images are by darren thats why it looks so good :D

I have received alot of tips from Darren and Durran about sculpting. they gave me tips on how to do details of skin, where I need to use a cling film ontop of the clay and pick a really thin spatula and scratch lightly so no rought edges comes out. make a lot of dots for the pores to make it realistic. to add hair on the sculpt, it takes time to make, you pick a group of 4 hairs and poke it in to the pores. it is a very long process but, if i want a really outstanding work, great patience is needed. i will try apply it to a big scuplt if I got the time. it would be awesome to make a mask for my project, but I focused more on my model. I will make one when I got the time. 

I have started making my Demonio Figure, I didnt have enough super sculpey, so I have used milliput as the base on my armature to hold my character in place. this will later then be on a wooden block stand. modelling a small figure was quite a challenge and took me a while to complete but i was enjoying it. sculpting tools really helped me alot to smooth edges and go through small gaps.


This is a bigger sculpt I have made first before the small figurine. I have modelled it just using my hands and a pen cover. I didnt have any sculping tools with me at first but it all worked out well. I could have used clay that hardens when left to dry, but I didnt have any, so I have used oiled based clay given to me by Darren.
I could have added textures but I didnt because, I wanted to keep it simple.

My Final Small Figurine.
the painting took a very long time to complete, I had to do 5 coatings. it was hard because, i havent painted a sculpt before, but I got used to it.

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