Thursday, 6 December 2012

Final Board Game & Map Design


This is my final board game. as you can see my character design and map design are all inspired from my research. In my board game, I have put all the character information needed into the same board of the game map instead of having cards to shuffle and check through the info. I have provided boxes which includes their life points so it is easy to calculate and change number in it, no need to ruin the beautiful illustrations I made, althought the gameplay itself will be messy, at least the rest looks more professional to present. I have made symbols for the weapon and health packs. they all have different purposes like some weapons damages a certain element more than the other. by default, you have the fire element which damages wind, but I dont have a wind villain, so this inflicts 10 dp to the enemy. 

I will explain the movements. you can flick as many moves as you want to travel for the main player, but the enemy just stays put. once the enemy player thinks you are in range, he must say he is going to attack and he can flick and attack your player. I you think you are also in range, you have to let the other player know that you are attacking aswell so it is a balanced match. You can also attack when you think you are in range. You can only attack the enemy's weak points, the red and orange dot. a good tip is to attack the orange dot untill you dealt 50 dp  or more, you can attack the red dot  to deal extra 10 dp to the enemy plus your weapons damage point. I have made this so it will be a challenge for the player to play the game, no point if it is too easy. If you travelling and entered the circle range of the enemy, you and the enemy can deal plus 5 damage points with your weapons dp. Try to conserve your life points, only take the health packages when necessary. There are 3 different health packages, each health packs gives you health but also gives you different perks. The main player has 3 Life points just incase the player is too reckless. I have provided  boxes underneath the characters so there is space to compute the damage dealt to the characters and player.

Map with Characters

These are other map designs I have made. some designs I am quite pleased about because it has the right contrast, proximity and alignment and repetition. I have been inspired from my map research, but mostly followed my chosen artists Foldvari and Ville, which is very simple, graphic, attract teenagers.

 I am quite happy about this design i have developed it till it became my final piece

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