Tuesday, 26 October 2010

20 Second animation project

I have started this animation on the day we were given the task. I was very excited to make it and finish it with the best of my ability showing a short clip of my life. I did some research, planning and tests on how my character, plane and objects would look like by looking at some images and video in the internet and looking at my self in the mirror. I have done my anticipation test on my RVJ how will the arm move. when recording it, I have made every movement slower so it will suit well with the sad moment. I didnt show much exaggeration in making my character because I'm not into that sort of style, and I want this animation to really relate to me, but I have done tests in my RVJ about exaggerated drawing of myself. As for morphing, I have done that to the clouds changing shape into I Love NYC to show what I was thinking during that moment.

When Im satisfied about my planning and development I started making my frames and took pictures of it on istopmotion. I have then developed them further to make my animation much more interesting and touching for my audience
This is my first test of my 20 second animation project. I have done this animation by taking a snapshot of every frames I drew. I have noticed that the character and the objects doesn't shake a lot and works quite well. It has good use of timing and spacing like pausing when he was looking at the window suggesting that he is thinking of someone or place that he miss

In this 2nd video, I have tested on adding some close up effects to really show my characters emotions. I want the audience to be touched by the simple short story of my animation.

In this 3rd test, I have done this by using photoshop. I have scanned every frames I drew and layered them on top of each other then erasing the seat and window from my character. I kept 1 single frame of the seat and window and used it throughout the scene where my character cries. I have also added a new frame for the last scene where the clouds morphs into I love NYC

As you can see, I didnt add any close ups because I have noticed that its losing quality when I export it to a video

This is my Final version. I have decided to add a song clip of 'The Scientists' by Coldplay. I have chosen to add this song because I was really listening to it at that moment in real time. I have extended the I love NYC so the audience can have more time to read it

I have based my airplane animation from this video looking like it just take off, flying upwards

I have used this video as another reference on what position the passenger can see outside the window.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Aikido Ukemi waza duo

This is a video of basic movements of recovery in Aikido called Ukemi waza (forward roll)
I have decided to base my animation on this because I'm very interested in this martial arts.
I made some experiments on my RVJ working out the motion/ movements. I have then decided to combine a simple jump then followed by the roll to make very interesting to watch.

I decided to try something different on how to make my animation by using the scanner instead of taking a picture. I have scanned each frames to photoshop and animate them there. I have noticed that the blue pencil isnt visible when scanned, only when pressed on quite hard. I find scanning quite easy to do and easily edit the images eg: add colours, adjust size etc...

This is my first test and it works quite well clean and smooth

I have decided to make my animation much more interesting by adding an obstacle, but instead I duplicated the character and make them look like about to spar each other. I made the copy roll then the main character to jump over him and do the recovery roll. I think this work really well because all the timing is right. All I need to do is maybe to add a bit more detail on my character to make it much more interesting.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Group animation

This is my animation clip for Jordan's trainers...it didnt work well because it is too fast and I could have duplicate some images to make the animation smooth.

First I have made some experiments in my RVJ about anticipation on how my character will run and dunk the ball...I have used my self as a reference looking into a mirror and it looks