Saturday, 3 December 2011

Water Tests

My aim was to make a cartoony water coming out of the ground to represent the start of digbeth.

These are all water tests Ive done. I have done 20 water tests and Ive uploaded a few of it because most are speed tests. The ones Ive uploaded have different animation styles, drawing, more frames and different pattern flow. 

I have struggled animating this water flow. At first I have drawn the flow frame by frame and took nearly 300 frames and good thing Keanu my class mate taught me hose to use masking and it is so much easier to use and saved me half the time to animate.

i wanted to improve the patterns of the water  because its too boring if it just moves at the end of the water, Ive added the secondary action by adding flow marks to it , Ive also learned that I can make more than one composition in after effects instead of rendering all to video and takes time render.

Intro assets Enhanced illustrations, Extended Scenes

These are some images Ive designed and enhanced for the intro animation where it starts off as a puddle turned to a river passed by the sheep.

This is the image of all frames I needed to animate the sheep. it was my first time to animate a character in after effects, it was quite complicated at first but as long as I understand the principals of after effects, it is quite easy. I have an option to animate in Flash but I had lesser knowledge about it than After Effects. If I had more time, I could learn more Flash and animate it there.

I have enhanced the bridge design Michael has made and added shades and patterns to it.

Water illustration:
This is my final water illustration design I made. It is one of many designs I've made.

This are some tree designs Ive made trying to match the illustration style.

Old design

Improved, extended and enhanced

Matching Michaels Old crown design from the story board I improved the illustration and made it more detail.

Extended Storyboard:

These are extended scenes for our animation to make it interesting. I have made this because I thought its too boring to watch the character to make it walking all the time without doing anything.

we have used some few chosen scenes from here and mostly to make it easy for me to animate and more time putting it together

Walk cycle line tests

Walk Cycles

Whilst Michael was busy making the storyboard, I went ahead and do the animating of the main character and tested it quite a few times. This took me quite a while to finish. at first, it took 4 frames for me to make the walk cycle but it didnt look smooth enough so I had to add more and develop it.

After animating the walk cycles, I continued animating other scenes like picking up the hat, mustache falls, camera man and more. I did all animations using photoshop because that is the software im much more comfortable with. By the end of animating, I have to convert it to PNG unmatted so I can layer this ontop of the background buildings.