Sunday, 13 January 2013

3D backgrounds that animate the 2D environment (Remakes)

2D animation has been able to expand its abilities from the help of 3D techniques. Now a days there are remakes of old classic movies. They make the most of the new technology and inspiration from them. These technologies are now available which was not available from the past, like ‘Fantasia 2000’ and the remake of ‘Lion King’ and ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ the magic of technology has been recognised by the animation technology. The new techniques and the unending progression of high end softwares can now improve old classical movies.

The majority of a lot of remakes of the currently produced animation, 3D was not only used for certain characters or vehicles and objects, but this has been used increasingly for environment and backgrounds, this makes it look real and appealing but at the same time keeping still appear 2D. This also makes up a spectacular segment of an animated feature film. Filmmakers have used CGI can help to create space and depth and as well as having a realistic camera angles which shows a very different advanced dimension of shot which is impossible to be done just by using 2D packages, this still have the capability of combining into the 2D dimension structure. A virtual plane is created by 3D space; this allows you to create the depth that is needed when planning to animate a believable environment effectively. Some people criticise the development and usage of 3D on its own or with 2D animation may cause in disrespect to the art tradition. ‘Peter Pan now seems to be the front runner for the CG treatment, get ready because this is another blow to traditional animation.’ although it is very clear that the use of CG has been lending skill to produce a better and more superior, high finished 2D work than rather harming the traditional animation. In the realm of 2D, the third dimension can be utilised by pulling the 3D space. This will really help aid the animators to show perspective not possible with the traditional methods.

The technology will keep on progressing which seems very unfair to assume that it will be completely to benefit of its predecessor. Instead this seems to appear more to be lending new expertise to the previous traditional techniques, this can then be applied to support and complement each other, not ruin. ‘there will always be a place for a loving hand drawn, unique and experimental types of animated films’ so new methods and techniques can help preserve this.

The uses of 3D computer software have seen some very outstanding results for the animated environments and backdrops through the use of cameras and perspective. The animation industry has decided to embrace the advanced tools yet instead of abandoning the older artistic techniques, but instead they are much more used to help and aid each other. These only interest the audiences on producing the best atmosphere. The audience has to be noticed that animation is not only created as an art form, but it also plays a very important role in the mesh of entertainment. This is why the audience need to appreciate to be successful. ‘I remember in Annecy ’99 how the audience was merciless,’ nevertheless uncaring the audience may be. Without the interest of the viewer, all the power can be lost, although the animation itself is powerful. Backgrounds and environment are used in almost all of the aspects of animation whether internal or external.

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