Sunday, 23 September 2012

3rd FINAL YEAR Proposal

What are my Goals/ Plan/ Final Outcome?
During childhood my friend and I didn’t have enough money to afford a gaming console. We took the idea of a traditional pen and paper flicking game and developed it to our own original game. I would say that the game is similar to alien shooter game on PC where you have to kill all aliens to survive. The only difference is that in my version, I only use a pen and paper to play it and design it my way. This idea has been in my head for a very long time and I decided to develop it further and modernise it so it can be playable on touch screen consoles or can just be played like a board game similar to dungeon dragons.
My goal for this project is to produce a short 2D/3D animation game trailer. I will be animating a short story using the skills I’ve learnt during the past 2 years. The final footage will be similar to game trailers. During pre-production, I will be doing lots of concept arts, developing ideas on the go and improving it. I will eventually build my own board game. I will be thinking about user friendly so it’s easy for people to understand the gameplay. This would help me promote my ideas to game companies.
Learning outcome (What do you hope to achieve and learn at the end of the project. You could list 3-4 learning outcomes but be realistic and helps with your intended learning)
·        To be able to produce a concept art, character design, tests
·        Explore different medias, understand the difference, does it work together?
·        Construct the relation to the audience/ Message
·        Have supporting range of concepts, ideas, on-going development
Mood boards (A series of images, references, inspirations, videos, sketches). This could even be tests or experiments you have done over summer.
·        Character designs, settings, board games
·        Look into game commercials * little big planet, gameplay, apps

Reflection and Action plans (Reflect on your strengths, learning needs and how you intend to achieve them? I.e. micro test projects?)
1.      Plan the story/ ideas generation (make few ideas, concept art and finalize story board. Think about the relationship of the character to the audience * Ask for Feedback)
2.      Design / tests / mock ups (Start character and setting design, experiment which media works well and does it work together? * Ask for Feedback)
3.      Improvements (develop design and finalize)
4.      Final (compositing, timing, clean up)

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