Tuesday, 1 May 2012

L5 Infographic animation style Inspiration

Animation style inspirations

These are some good examples of infographics that I really like. Each has their own way and style of delivering their messages.

This is more of a live presentation more than the actual animated infographics. I have posted this video because it is quite interesting how the person presented old school without a moving image. this kind of presentation is called Pecha Kucha which was invented by japanese engineers to presesnt to their coworkers in a short about of time.

I like this animation because the use of one colour makes the audience focus on what the main topic is about. The animation is very clear to understand because the sound and minimal key words work very well together. I have notice that all visuals are all balanced and layed out in the middle so audiences focuses on the subject.

This is another interesting animation where the animator focuses more on animating characters and story more. this has less text to it. this targets children 5 above because of the childish doodle styles, and a voice over of a little girl.

This next animation has an interesting style to it. The animator uses 3D in text and objects. This makes the animation look very appealing to the audience and make them amazed. I also liked the clever way of animating it.

In my animation, I hope to combine all these styles together

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