Wednesday, 2 May 2012

L5 Infographic Planning, Story Board, Assets

My  plan for this project is to work on my clients animation first and then relate it to my IKEA infographics by putting this as a side video. I plan to animate my infographics combining techniques from my research and applying it to my animation. If ever I my work for the client is taking too long, I would stop it and work on infographics because I can submit the animation to him at any time.

This is my own design on how to assemble a TV Shelf for my client. He isnt very sure about what I am going to animate about, but he wanted any kind of furniture. I had designed this very simple and clear so anyone can easily  assemble TV Shelf. 

These are some designs I looked at so it can help me design my own TV shelf

Character he wanted to have in the animation. A young lady mid 20s Caucasian, brown hair, blue eyes and simple clothing but fashionable to target young audiences

I have started designing 3D models for my animation, everything is looking fine and up to date. all I need are some confirmations about layout and styles from client

After 2 to 3 weeks not hearing anything from my client, I worked on my storyboard for infographics. following important lines from my script. I have to cut most of it because it is too long. I think when I start animating, there will be loads of changes will be done because it might not look right to me.

I havent heard anything from my client for 4 weeks and never reply to my texts. I have decided to stop all my animations for him and focus on animating IKEA infographics instead. Next time I work for a client, I have to make a contract so they wont waste my time anymore.

These are some assets I made for my animation and ready to animate.

Ingvar Kamprad. Owner and founder of IKEA

This is my 3D design of my inforgraphic. I have noticed that it wouldnt fit my animation because every thing is 2D flat. maybe a tilt of a background could work but using this design wont. I have decided to only use a side view of it.

this is the 3D van side view

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