Friday, 16 March 2012

Business of Animation Module

New Module has began, New challenge.
Its quite a  lot of animations to be done in a short amount of time, but fear not, we are allowed to pick a few briefs and work as hard as much as u can to improve it.

My idea is to work on 2 to 3 animations so I can balance my work for this module and the other module because I am working with a client.

3 Small briefs
(5-15 second advertisement)

-Street food Month
-Sugar Rush Sundays
-Italian Month

3 Live Briefs
-SEGA, 20th aniversary of sports interactive
-BLKY, mobile inbox content design
-Kino10, promo 

More extra live projects in moodle.

These are some few examples Ron has showed us during class, unfortunately i wasn't there, I was working as a BCU Ambassador. I got these video links from class mates. These are Ron's  Animation work

Italian Month

Sugar Rush

Street Food

These are some few animation, inspirations, and some influences I might use.

I picked this Russian Dancing men animation because I like the artwork style, it is very simple, the use of 3 colours works really well. I studied graphic design in college and studied about Russian and Graphic designs and it is one of my favorite styles. the way they relate their messages are so straight forward and gets your attention. I can try imitate its style in my work later on

I liked this animation because of its characters, it is so simple to make. It is so eye striking which makes the audience find it very cute and memorable

These are some of my favorite info graphics... it is very clear and easy to understand. when making my animation, I have to make sure it gets the message across to the audience

This is a wonderful find by Andy Mo about motion graphics, thisll really help me think about my ideas, design, timing, dynamics, etc...

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