Thursday, 15 December 2011

What has to be done!!!

For almost nine weeks, we havent seen results of the story board from the illustrator students, Me and Michael decided to plan ahead and make an animatic to be ready for the mock presentation.

Me and Michael have decided to divide the scenes in half to our selves and worked overnight  for days and finally happy with the results for our animatic.

We have went overboard by adding colours and moving image in out animatic. We can reuse this animatic to our final animation because it is the exact style we are going for. Voicing and narrating was very fun, me and Michael had many versions and takes for this, we tried even using wallace and gromitts voice just for the fun of it.

We are still unsure of the sound effects for this, so we are going to improve it in the final bit

Animatic scenes with sounds

Right. Now the courtyard scene has been done as an image. The order here should be:

shot of Bruce standing outside cave

ninja jumping scene

'Hand over the sacred bottles' scene

This one! Courtyard shot

Bruce 'squint' scene

It'd be nice if we could have a steady zoom towards Bruce for the animatic, not zooming in too far but just something other than a still shot? Don't if it gets too much, just a suggestion! Click to save a higher res image!

...and the bottle drinking scene. Going to have to be a still image for now, still, should be fine!

These are some few assets I have made in the animation


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