Thursday, 15 December 2011

Improved scenes

I have improved the scene that needs changing the most, Inside the Cave. as you can see, i have completely changed Michael's design from the gold red lava background to a sacred cave well. This is inspired from Indiana jones caves and Pirates of the carribean and made it to my design.

The Fountain

this took ages for me to draw because, I've been combining images together to get this result.

I have started designing Bruce Lee for the nunchuck scene.
I have kept this as PNG images in my blog so illustrators can use it for the tshirt designs and banners if they want.
You can use this illustration in posters, t-shirt, etc...

with light


Line Test and final for nun chuck scene...Need to colour in properly and add the bottle

I am quite happy with the result for the nun chuck scene, to improve is may be add inbetween frames to make it smoother but i think it is fine as it is

defeated ninja scene

Water ripple test

Ive been trying different tests for the ripple scene for the cave scene to make it look alive not just a picture. but when i played this through the whole scene, cant really notice this much

Some more improved assests for the final

I have decided to add female ninjas to also target young girls aswell as boys

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