Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bruce Lee Development Key Frames and Story Board

I have came up with the idea of advertising Volvic mineral water by showing its Natural Source of power I have chosen to use Bruce Lee as our main character because of the sounds he makes while doing martial arts, "Watta" rhymes with "Water" which is a play with sounds. We also want to give the idea of natural source of power in water which gives life and energy. Bruce Lee is good example of having natural source of power because of his hard training, he was able to master his own martial arts with out using performance enhancing drugs.

Bruce Lee Reference images

These are some art styles I may want to use for the animation

Roy Lichtenstein


My first ever digital art using drawing tablet

1st Key Frame... any suggestions or comments about the drawing style please comment below so I know what to change and improve on the next drawings :D

I was thinking of adding colour to Bruce Lee after he drinks Volvic water, this shows that it gives life and energy

This could be the sort of animation we could use for our project, a motion graphic animation 

Natural Source of Power

These are the 3 main key frames for the volvic advert idea. 
It started with all black and white background showing no life to it, Bruce Lee surrounded by enemy ninjas. Outnumbered and unarmed he is powerless. Bruce Lee spots Volvic bottles and a rope and made it into a nun-chuck. Bruce Lee fights his enemies, background contrasts from red to yellow, his grunt sound effects will popup like letters in a comic book. When the enemies are all defeated, Bruce Lee finishes his final pose presenting Volvic while shouting his grunt "Watta" which rhymes with "Water"

1. Surrounded by enemies

2. The Fight

3. Final Pose

This is a quick test on how our animation would look like

Bruce Lee Story Board

This is my story board idea sketched on paper then it will be handed down to the illustrators to finalize and drawn neatly.

Hi illustrators, me and Michael has made a rough story board for the bruce lee idea, if it is possible that you can make a proper story board for our group. Make it really nice and neat, if possible add colours to it. after we've done the storyboard, me and Michael can start animating.

Michael has another version of the story board, he is gonna post it soon. Any questions regarding the storyboard, just contact us :D

This is mine and Michael's Story board rough sketches combined together

Tree Animation test using Photoshop

I have made this Tree animation to teach the viscom and illustrator students a bit of animation using photoshop...this test took me 2 minutes to complete.

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