Friday, 14 October 2011

Story Board Development

These are some story board drafts that me and Michael did, and some hand written research Ive made during the tudor times.

Me and Michael struggled quite a bit in our story boarding on how we can visualize it and how to start. We had a few goes on how our animation would start but mostly settled on Michaels sketches of the mans journey

These are some of Michaels sketches which we would mostly use and improve in our animation

These are some more hand written research Ive done, looking more into the tudor times

We have discovered that Digbeth was discovered in the year 700s by the River Rea and started building farms and bridge on it then slowly evolves to the modern buildings.
I did a bit of story board plan about the start of the River Rea that it began as water rises from the ground forming into a river.

In my idea I was also planning on what kind of animation style I should use. Ive been sketching popup elements in the story board which could make the animation look more interactive and would definitely target younger audience. 

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