Monday, 17 October 2011

Illustration style

Our aim as a group is to have a successful animation, to be able to finish as soon as possible and have extra time for slight improvement, to be able to the message across that there is more to it behind Digbeth  by showing the History of Digbeth in our animation.

I have used Light soft pastel like colours in photoshop which would be very easy to the eye of the audience. Ive been a bit expressive using a child like drawing of a sheep so this will also target younger audience and be like a story book, hopefully it would inspire something good to them when they grow up.


I didnt quite like my sheep illustration so I have improved it by using lighter grey colour and a better drawing.

I took quite a long time to complete these images because I wasnt experienced enough using a drawing tablet, but the more I practised the easier it is for me to draw.

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