Friday, 20 May 2011

Appad Final: My first 3D Animation Maya

Appad Animatic

This is my animatic taken from my storyboard created in illustrator. I have matched it to the chosen music that I think works together with: All together now by the Beatles
In my opinion, it suits to be in an advert because it shows liveliness to the animation and the word all together now fits my animation theme, about communication with other people

Appad Final outcome

This is my final outcome rendered with camera movements. I have combined it with the scene I animated the head model with together in the same spot to make it look like I've used only one camera

I think my animation worked really well and works with the music. The camera movements are at the right speed and wont make the audience bored but make them more excited and keep them entertained

I showed my animation around and asked for opinions of it and how to improve it. mostly everyone likes my animation and the music but the thing thats missing is a little texture of the wall and the table, even just a tiny bit could make a big difference, Exaggerate the picture falling down more by using bend tool.

Final and Improved

I have improved my animation, It took me quite a long time to use the bend of the picture and animate it, in the end it worked out. Im quite pleased about the outcome, Ive also started adding textures even to the retort stand. Having a bit of texture really makes a big difference to my work, i even started using bump maps to show a bit of depth to it. I changed the intro and made it my own using animation in photoshop instead of downloading a video in youtube like the previous video.

Hopes everyone like my animation COMMENT, RATE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE in my youtube account :D

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