Sunday, 30 January 2011

Stickfas Stop-motion Group Animation

Steel vs Iron (Superman vs Ironman)

This our Final Piece for the stickfas animation. As you can see we have animated our main characters on a table to show ground and also used a whiteboard to show a flight battle. We have you used cotton string to hold up our characters in the air. to make our background interesting, we have to animate the glass illustration in the background to make it believable that it really is broken. This process has also been used in the beam firing causing explosion. To finalise our work, we went overboard and added some special effects using After Effects. We have added background sound, sound clips of crash and glass smash and synced into the video. We also added some lighting effect to make it look like a hollywood film.

We have used reference of the ground battle. Aikido has been the main martial arts used for this fight

Brian Lobeda
Keanu Jones
Michael Price
Michael Withers
Horvath Elod

Aikido Video Reference:

Myself and Michael Price has been training aikido in our spare time so we have decided to base our animation about fighting because it all started when we customised our character to marvel superheroes.

First Stickfas Test walk:

I have added a bit more movement. I was trying to make the arm wave in the end, but it didnt work well, I think to improve it is having more frames.

Running Test


First final without special effects

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