Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Animation Genres

Martial Arts Genre

Tom and Jerry: The Karate Guard

Text Opening has a feel of the oriental font like Chinese and Japanese calligraphy where most of the end stroke of the lines are sharp. Most martial arts originated from China and Japan, and dojos use hand written calligraphy for their logos. The red colour represents fire, wild, aggressive which could related to the personality of the martial artist.

The blue background in the intro could represent gentleness or perhaps a bit weak in the character Jerry...not being able to defeat Tom with his martial arts because of his size.

Few seconds in the sound intro had a typical tune of a Chinese kung fu. The tune represents China because, it is usually played in Chinese festivals and do the Chinese Dragon Dance

Mise-en-scene: the use of the karate GI of Jerry, Japanese samurai armour for the Guardian, the master spirt, martial arts dummy, Chinese Gong, 

Scene - in a modern house. This could represent that martial arts isnt ancient, it could also mean martial arts can beat modern technology weapons like the paintball near the end of the story.

Romance Genre

Romeo X Juliet (anime)

As you can see it the first few minutes intro of the animation, you cannot see the romance genre, and the fact they mentioned Sky Continent Neo Verona shows that  it has a sense of magic to it, suggesting a floating continent (world). As the intro progress, the melody shows a sense of thrill, something bad is about to happen, It represent that this show is for mature viewers, it has a greyish background which could also represent death. As the story shows the dead woman followed by the man cursing the man in black using his surname shows that, it is a war between families, this shows the genre of adventure, action, crime, war, and drama.

After the intro, its followed up by an opening theme, the song tune is the same of "you raise me up" but in Japanese version with different lyrics. it somehow represents sadness. as you watch the animation of the opening theme, It shows 2 family crest separated means that there's going to be conflict. and the tile Romeo and Juliet gave sense of the story would be more focused about Romance. It is based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. they showed the main characters, Romeo and Juliet. After they showed Juliet, a flower petal flew to her almost shaping like a heart, which shows romance. As the animation goes on showing most of the cast, they show clips of battles which could represent the conflict between families and Romeo and Juliet almost held each others hands means, they cant be together but near the end of the opening, it showed both of them kissing

If you look at the character designs, it doesnt appeal to a younger audience, its aimed at mature people.

Settings shows that it is set on the earlier ages like the victorian times. they showed churches and some roman ruins which could represent love

It is mainly focused on the main genre of Romance because of the title Romeo and Juliet
they showed flowers wrapping Romeo and Juliet, Juliet being naked, Kissing, hugging, laying on grass...and Red colour stands out to represent blood and Heart...white flowers could represent the wedding dress :D

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