Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sound animation "Manny Pacman VS Robot

I have chosen the sound clip "11SecClub_April_Competition
I have decided to animate it with a Boxer Boxing a Robot to match the clang sound. Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino 8 world titles holder would be my main character.

Here are some caricatures I've done for Manny Pacman. I have decided not to use it because it will take a lot of time to complete my animation

I am quite happy with this character design so I have developed it more so it would be easier for me to animate

This is my final character design of Manny. As you can see, it is very simplified, It shows he isnt a heavy weight fighter, maybe a welterweight and it is perfect for my animation

This is my final design for my robot, it is very simplified, with less details, and easy for me to animate

I have made some video references of me boxing, showing some basic punches

FRONT VIEW: I like this camera angle because, it is good to show pressure to the opponent he is fighting eg: camera, robot

SIDE VIEW: I have done this view so its easy to see the foot work and body movements, this would be best to use at the star of the fight to show "The Rush"

ROBOT SIDE VIEW: this is an exaggerated acting I did here hahaha

This is my animatic, it is just snapshot of scenes where it showed more movement

Robot close up

Boxer rush attack...start of the fight
Boxer Combo attacks Front View

Scared Robot Front View...Then Exploded


I have coloured in my characters to make it interesting for the audience to watch, to make my animation feel alive. It took quite a while but its worth it :D I have first animated scene by scene on photoshop so it will run smooth. After all scenes are done, I put it all together on windows movie maker to match the sound.

Hope Yall Like it XD

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