Saturday, 17 March 2012

Street Food

Seeing I got a few more weeks left, I have chosen to work on the Street Food Brief. As always I make lots of ideas in my RVJ. at first it was quite hard to get the ideas right because of the sound file, it is so limited. I could animate people running or food running but the sound file has car engine sounds so I wont be able to use running. after spying round at peoples work, I have noticed that everyone seems to have delivery vans in their animation, So I thought of using Giant food transforming to vendors. The idea of using transforming came from my kino idea, I wanted to use it a bit more, but of course I wont be able to make a professional like Transformers the movie.Mine would be very cartoony because it would be very time consuming. I have kept my idea very simple, I just wanted to show the cars drove off and transforms.

This is my Final Animation for Street food. I have added in some squash and stretch and secondary action to make it believable that its parking and it doesnt look stiff.


This is my first draft, I showed it to me classmates and asked for feed back, only thing needs changing was that the vendors were too stiff when it parked, I'll quickly change it when I got time, after I finished another animation, turns out i got a week and a half, I can make another 1 if i focus well hard.

These are my transformation tests I've done, Ive sped it up later on in the actual animation to fit the timeslot

Pizza Vendor

Hotdog Vendor

Noodle Vendor

At first, my Idea of making this vendor transform is by modelling it in Maya, and transform it there, then import to after effects, but I didnt have much time to use maya, I wont be able to make another animation if I did. Doing it in after effects was easy and very effective. Making the noodles vendor was a bit tricky to transform, I had to tilt it so the main body of the vending machine comes out.

This is the background Ive designed in illustrator, I based this design from New York streets, with my own touch to it to make it cartoony. it kinda have this italian style to it. I find designing backgrounds like this very enjoyable, I like it when I design characters, backgrounds because thats what I am strongest at.

These are some reference photographs I've taken when I was in New York 2011. 

Check RVJ for More of my designs

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