Saturday, 23 October 2010

Aikido Ukemi waza duo

This is a video of basic movements of recovery in Aikido called Ukemi waza (forward roll)
I have decided to base my animation on this because I'm very interested in this martial arts.
I made some experiments on my RVJ working out the motion/ movements. I have then decided to combine a simple jump then followed by the roll to make very interesting to watch.

I decided to try something different on how to make my animation by using the scanner instead of taking a picture. I have scanned each frames to photoshop and animate them there. I have noticed that the blue pencil isnt visible when scanned, only when pressed on quite hard. I find scanning quite easy to do and easily edit the images eg: add colours, adjust size etc...

This is my first test and it works quite well clean and smooth

I have decided to make my animation much more interesting by adding an obstacle, but instead I duplicated the character and make them look like about to spar each other. I made the copy roll then the main character to jump over him and do the recovery roll. I think this work really well because all the timing is right. All I need to do is maybe to add a bit more detail on my character to make it much more interesting.

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